Handcrafted in Louisville, Colorado

Tucked away in a funky corner of Historic Downtown Louisville is a laid-back brewery and tasting room serving award-winning craft brewed beers and out of this world pub fare.


Gravity Brewing is owned and operated by registered professional engineers and brewing industry professionals who are just shy of obsessed about how things work in the physical world. Based on this strong appreciation and knowledge of science and engineering, Gravity Brewing takes the art and technique of brewing as seriously as possible while keeping a humble perspective of our existence in this world. We are always striving to push the envelope of conventional brewing, while maintaining a strong regard for tradition and authenticity.

Inspirational Explorations

The name Gravity encapsulates this strong passion nicely in one word. Gravity represents the goal to produce high quality, full flavored ales and lagers; having a product of substance and dignity; the adventure lifestyle enjoyed in Colorado; a sense of our existence in this world; and thought provocation. Not to mention, Gravity is a common term used amongst brewers to measure and specify the density of wort/beer and thus determine the alcohol content. We are constantly looking towards innovation in engineering, science and space exploration for inspiration in defining our brand.


John Frazee

John fell in love with the craft beer movement while studying engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Thanks to some inspiration from his older brother and the influence of the vibrant craft beer scene on Colorado’s front range, John turned his longtime homebrewing hobby into a business. His passion and devotion to craft beer and brewing has never wavered. (Pictured w/ Shannon & Kristy Frazee)

Ryan Bowers

Managing Partner
Ryan has extensive knowledge of and a great passion for mechanical and process engineering, which is directly applicable to the science and art of brewing. While attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, Ryan was, like John, greatly influenced by the exciting craft beer scene in Boulder and Denver.

Scott Smith

Head Brewer
Scott comes to Gravity Brewing from San Diego, California. Scott has several years of experience in the San Diego craft beer market as the Production Manager at Thorn Brewing, Head Brewer at Thorn Street Brewery and most recently brewing at Green Flash/Alpine Beer. Early in Scott's career he helped manage Ballast Point's Home Brew Mart which gave him a wide knowledge and appreciation for the raw materials used to make beer. Welcome to Colorado Scott!

John Fuhrman

Wholesale Sales Representative
John has been working hard behind the scenes for Gravity for a few years now making sure all of your favorite bars, restaurants, taprooms and liquor stores are stocked with Gravity Beer. Before representing Gravity, John gained experience selling and delivering beer for Westminster Brewing just down the road. John is a Colorado native and has years of valuable experience in the restaurant service industry.

Tyler Mitchell

Tasting Room Manager & Wholesale Sales Representative
You can find Tyler slinging beer behind the bar, out on the road selling bottles and kegs, or back in the office managing the daily operations of the tasting room. Though he just started at Gravity in February 2020, he is a six year veteran of the Boulder area craft beer scene and has been brewing his own beer in garages and on patios for over ten years. Tyler is a Colorado native who’s favorite time for a craft beer is when he is exploring the incredible outdoor spaces his home state has to offer.

Kari Hvidevold

Tasting Room Sales Associate
Kari has been helping in the tasting room at Gravity for several years now. Born and raised in Montana, Kari moved to Colorado in 2000 and has loved the craft beer scene ever since. When Kari isn't busy teaching or at Gravity, you can find her outside hiking, camping or enjoying a beer on a patio in the sunshine!
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