There’s Something
Brewing Across
the Tracks

Are you one of those folks who appreciates the road less traveled? If so, we’ve got a tip for you. Tucked away in a funky corner of Historic Downtown is an only-in-Louisville brewery and tasting room serving up unique craft-brewed beers. Now serving food from Worldwide Vittles!!

Being a touch fanatical about beer and brewing, we could use the rest of this space to bore you with lots of science and detail, but you know what they say, “one pint is worth a thousand words.” So come on in and get the Gravity experience first hand.

Your Hosts

John Frazee


John fell in love with the craft beer movement while studying engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Thanks to some inspiration from his older brother and the influence of the vibrant craft beer scene on Colorado’s front range, John began homebrewing over sixteen years ago. His passion and devotion to craft beer and brewing has not wavered since.

Julius Hummer


Julius grew up in the craft brewing industry. While in high school and college Julius worked at Boulder Brewing Company, which his father David Hummer co-founded in 1979.


  • B.S. in Chemistry from Lewis and Clark College
  • Masters in Brewing Science from the British School of Malting and Brewing, 1985
  • Formal apprenticeship at the Kitzmann Brauerei in Erlangen, Germany
  • Produced over a dozen Great American Beer Festival (GABF) medal winning beers as Head Brewer at various breweries around the country

Ryan Bowers

Managing Partner

Ryan has extensive knowledge of and a great passion for mechanical and process engineering, which is directly applicable to the science and art of brewing. While attending the University of Colorado at Boulder Ryan was, like John, greatly influenced by the exciting craft beer scene in Boulder and Denver.